General information about cookies

1. Información general sobre las Cookies:

A cookie is a small text file that is placed on the user’s terminal (PC, smartphone, tablet or other device) when they access the website. Cookies store and retrieve information about browsing on this terminal. They are not harmful and do not damage the terminal.

2. Cookies on this website

The use of cookies means, for example, that we can provide a better browsing experience to our users. They help us to identify the user (if they are registered), remember their browsing preferences, conduct studies on usage patterns to improve our website, identify profiles to send personalized advertising, etc.

Below is a list of the type of cookies used and their description [indicate which ones are correct].

  • First-party cookies: they are sent to the user’s terminal from a computer or domain, managed by the publisher and used to provide the requested service to the user.
  • Third-party cookies:  they are sent to the user’s terminal from a computer or domain which is not managed by the publisher but rather by another organization that processes the data obtained via the cookies. The table below contains a list of the third-party cookies which we use on this website.
  • Session cookies:  they are cookies designed to gather and store data while the user is on a website.
  • Persistent cookies:  they are cookies in which the data are stored on the terminal and can be accessed and processed for a time specified by the controller which may range from a few minutes to several years.
  • Analysis cookies:  these are cookies processed by us or by third parties which enable us to quantify the number of users and thus measure and statistically analyse how users are using the service we provide. This involves analysing their browsing on our website in order to enhance our products or services.
  • Advertising cookies:  these cookies make it possible to efficiently manage advertising that the publisher has included on a website, app or platform which is used to deliver the requested service based on criteria such as content published or the frequency with which the ads are displayed.

Below is a list of the main cookies used by FERRER BOBET SL (include as relevant).

Service / Cookies' name Provider's name Use
PHPSESSID Inner This cookie is used for the PHP language to allow that SESSION vars will be stored in the server. This cookie is needed to the correct functionality of the web.
lang Inner Stores the user language
_ga y _gat External Google Analytics used these cookies to control the statictics of the visitors

It is also possible that when visiting a website or opening an email where an ad or promotion for our products or services is published, a cookie is installed on the user’s browser that we use to monitor our ads in terms of, for example, the number of times they are viewed, where they appear, at what time they are viewed, etc.

3. Managing cookies: disabling and deleting:

Users can configure their browser to be notified of the receipt of cookies and to prevent their installation on their computer. However, disabling cookies may affect the operation of the website. Please consult the instructions and manuals of your browser for more information.

In addition and depending on the browser used, the user can activate any of the following options to limit the scope of the cookies installed or their operation:

  • private browsing, whereby your browser stops saving your browsing history, website passwords, cookies and other information from the pages you visit
  • It may be that some cookies used on this website are unrelated to FERRER BOBET SL This is because some pages on the website contain content from third-party websites (such as for example a YouTube video).

    Because this content comes from another website, FERRER BOBET, SL does not control the settings of these cookies. If you wish to change your cookie setting preferences, you should see the websites of these third parties for more information.

    Finally, please note that you can at any time withdraw your consent to the use of cookies by FERRER BOBET, SL by configuring your browser in way specified in the previous section.